About Us


AELFE is a European association of practitioners, teachers and researchers in languages ​​for specific purposes whose research and teaching focus on different topics of specialized languages ​​and communication.

We can find here a video from the 2021 conference which explains the association and its journal




AELFE is a networked association of LSP professionals who support and contribute to research, learning, teaching, and scholarship in specialized languages and communication. It was founded in Madrid in 1992 as the Spanish Association of Languages for Specific Purposes, holding annual conferences in Spain and Portugal. In 2002, it was decided to adapt the term “European” because more international members were joining and have joined AELFE since. The association currently includes close to 200 members from European universities and outside of Europe.  

AELFE’s main aims are:

  • strengthen and expand different approaches to LSP and specialized communication across academic and professional settings
  • promote and disseminate up-to-date knowledge and understanding of specialized languages and communication through:

--Annual international conferences in different institutions
--Biannual Research Award for outstanding published and unpublished papers
--Publication of research in the journal Ibérica, monographs and proceedings
--Mailing list and forum
--Special events, such as seminars, webinars, project sessions, and other academic and/or cultural events.
--Provide benefits to members that include priority access and discounts for all kinds of activities and events related to AELFE.


The Statutes state that AELFE will be represented by an executive committee of eight members drawn from AELFE, who volunteer to have different executive roles lasting a maximum of two consecutive four-year terms.

The current executive committee members are:


Jesús García Laborda, University of Alcalá de Henares. Starting year: June, 2023.

Vice president:
Begoña Bellés Fortuño, Jaume I University. Starting year: June, 2023.

Lucía Bellés Calvera, University of Valencia. Starting year: June, 2023.

Miguel Ángel Vela Tafalla, University of Zaragoza. Starting year: June, 2023.

Vocal member 1:
Katalin Fogarasi, Semmelweis University, Budapest. Starting year: June, 2023.

Vocal member 2:
Carmen Sancho Guinda, Polytechnic University of Madrid. Starting year: June, 2021

Vocal member 3:
Balbina Moncada Comas, Polytechnic University of Catalunya. Starting year: June, 2023.

Editors-in-chief of Ibérica, AELFE's journal:
Ruth Breeze, University of Navarra. Starting year: June, 2021.

Maria Kuteeva, University of Stockholm. Starting year: June, 2021.

Each position on the board of directors is renewed after four years for a maximum term of eight years. Any AELFE member can propose himself / herself or another member as candidates for the Executive board, and they are presented and elected by secret ballot at the AELFE Annual Assembly (AAA). The AAA is held during the AELFE conference each year. Summaries of the minutes of the last five AAAs can be accessed.