Acta Septiembre 2022 (Universidad de Pisa)
Acta Septiembre 2022 (Universidad de Pisa)
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Acta Septiembre 2022 (Universidad de Pisa)

AELFE’s General Assembly 2022

Date and time: September 15, 2022, 16.00

Hybrid Meeting (Aula Magna, Benedictine conference centre, University of Pisa)



Attendees (on-site):                            Attendees (online):

Alejandro Curado                                  Mercedes Querol

Ruth Breeze                                          Mª Araceli Losey

Begoña Bellés                                       Ignacio Guillén

Elisabet Arnó                                         Ana Roldán

Elena Carpi                                           Lourdes Pomposo

Lucía Bellés                                          Raquel Lázaro

Ariel Sebastián Mercado                        Carmen Pérez-Llantada

Jeromi Sureda                                      Ana Bocanegra

                                                                                  María José Luzón



1-Adoption of last Assembly minutes

They are adopted by unanimous vote, with only one minor addition to the minutes: The president wishes to include his gratitude and thanks to the outgoing executive board member Inmaculada Alvarez de Mon for all her altruistic and generous work and contribution to AELFE during her executive board membership.


2-President’s report

The president wishes to thank and congratulate Elena Carpi, the 20th AELFE conference coordinator, and her team for organizing this conference and provide such a great venue and convenient facilities. This has been the first conference abroad (outside of Spain) since 2015 and we hope we can continue having them held in similar European (even non-European) venues in the future, counting on AELFE members’ increasing internationalization. In this sense, more people from other countries are joining AELFE, which will be a healthy sign of multilingualism and diversity.


The president also wishes to congratulate and thank Ibérica’s Editors-in-chief, Ruth Breeze and Maria Kuteeva, and their editorial team (present here are Begoña Bellés and Lucía Bellés), for all the work done in these past and current issues as well as in the process to publish the journal on the new OJS platform.


A growing and evolving collaboration with Asian regions is in progress, as several Chinese LSP audiences have manifested their interest in AELFE and Ibérica. We can think about possible webinars and other events to be co-organized for such audiences. 


It can be also announced at this point that the next conference (June 2023) will be held in Zaragoza as a joint event with the Asian-Pacific Association of LSP and Professional communication, co-coordinated by Carmen Pérez-Llantada and Christoph Hafner. We think this is a great opportunity for AELFE to be known in and reach Australasian regions and contexts. Carmen Pérez-Llantada takes the floor to present the conference and venue.


3-Treasurer’s report


Ignacio Guillén presents and explains the budget to the attendees from July 2021 to September 2022. The budget has had a major expenditure related to the new OJS platform developed for the journal (which decreased the balance by more than 5,000 euros). However, the balance has recovered and gone up to its approximate 2021 state after membership fees. By comparison with four years ago, when Ignacio began his executive role as treasurer, the budget has increased, which means that the balance is in good shape, also thanks to inheriting a soundly maintained balance from the previous treasurer, Purificación Hernández.

In 2023, another major expense may be the renewal of AELFE’s website, but with the addition of new membership fees, we hope a sound balance is maintained.

The budget is therefore approved by the members unanimously.



4-Ibérica journal report

Ruth Breeze presents her report in pdf (attached). As a summary, she mentioned that the next issue (Fall 2022) will be released on time and feature a discussion / forum paper, written by Anna Mauranen, and we hope to have more interesting contributions in this expanding journal genre. A new proposal for a special issue has been approved, to be co-edited by Sofía Albero and María José Luzón, about digital open science genres in LSP, to appear in the Fall volume (2023). Ruth informs us about the possibility to organize webinars and other events for people in Chinese LSP associations and institutions, who are interested in the journal evolution and AELFE—this is a key idea for broader dissemination and impact worldwide (special issues in the journal can also aim at this wide dissemination).


The international advisory board is in a renewal process, as some members already retired. Some editorial board (reviewers) members will be renewed / changed as well. The key thing is to find reputed scholars from all over the world. The report is approved unanimously.


5-Executive board member renewal (treasury)

The renewal of the treasury position (every four years) is due (2018-2022). Ignacio Guillén is willing to renew his position. The president asks if there are any other candidates for this position. There are none. So, Ignacio’s candidacy is approved unanimously.


6-Any other business.

Elena Carpi wishes to acknowledge the help and appreciates the catering service offered (special needs staff). Begoña Bellés also thanks all the team and this catering staff, thanking Gregori for letting us feel at home.



The meeting is concluded at 17:15 hours





Ignacio Guillén Galve                                                Alejandro Curado Fuentes

(Acting secretary)                                                      President of AELFE




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